Sweet Plantain & Egg Sandwich

Sweet Plantain and Egg Sandwichย Recipe

Sweet plantain and egg sanwich



This Sweet Plantain and Egg Sandwich is one of my favorite Sandwiches of all time! My grandmother uses to make it for me for lunch and I’ve been hooked ever since! If you browse through some of my recipes you will see that I LOVE sweet & salty foods mixed together. This is one of those recipes! It’s fast and simple.

Sweet plantain with egg sanwich 3


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How to make a Sweet Plantain and Egg Sandwich

ingredients for sandwich



-Slice Bread

-2 Eggs

-Sweet Plantains

how to cut plantains jpg

Cut the plantain in slanted slices as shown above and set aside

friedn egg


Next, in a pan add cooking oil and on medium heat, fry an egg over easy ( Sunnyside up but “flipped” so the yolk doesn’t appear “yellow” but is still “runny” )

friedn egg with yolksmached fried eggsmashed egg liquid


Once the egg is done frying, place eggs on a plate and smash it till it becomes like the picture above, add some salt and set aside

fried sweet plantains jpgfried Sweet plantain


Next, in a pan add cooking oil and on medium heat fry the sweet plantains till golden and set aside.

slice tosted bread


Top 2 slices of bread in the toaster

bread with fried eggfried egg with breadย  ย ย Spread egg on the toast till it’s all over the toast.

fried egg sweet plantain and bread


Now add the sweet plantain’s on top of the egg evenly, add the other slice of bread on top and cut down the middle.

Sweet plantain with egg sanwich 3


Doesn’t that look delicious!! Enjoy:)