Maria’s Scrambled Eggs

You might think this recipe sounds a bit absurd but it is SOOOO good!

I grew up eating these scrambled eggs with pretty much everything. Who does them the best? Why my mother of course! But luckily I am able to share this delicious recipe with you all.
Scrambled eggs doesn’t get so much love because, well, their kind of plain most of the time. Unless you are adding ham or turkey, its pretty much salt and a scrambled egg!


Fear not my friend; I have a scrambled egg solution for your taste buds.

Adding a tad bit of mayonnaise makes the difference. YES. I said MAYONNAISE! Personally, I dislike mayonnaise very much. The texture grosses me out BUT just because I don’t like it alone doesn’t mean I can’t like it deep inside a certain dish. These scrambled eggs will make your guest stop and guess what’s in it. Give it a chance and you’ll see how amazing it taste.

Scrambled Eggs Recipe

-3 Eggs
– Butter ( Enough to cover pan)
– 1 Tablespoon of mayonnaise
– 1 Teaspoon of Pepper ( more if needed)
– 1 Teaspoon of Salt ( more if needed)


Crack 3 eggs and pour in a bowl
Mix the eggs till they get foamy, set to the side


Now, in a pan set to medium heat, place butter till it melts. It should look like this. (I put about a tablespoon of butter)

When the butter melts, pour the mixed eggs in the pan. Remember keep the temperature at medium so that it will not stick to pan, Soon after pouring the egg mixture, add a teaspoon of salt. Add a teaspoon of pepper.
Slowly stir the eggs till its starts to cook. It should look like this. Stir until the eggs are all scrambled
The eggs should look like this. Now turn off the stove and add a tablespoon of mayonnaise
Mix well, and make sure the eggs are coated with the mayonnaise.


Believe it or not these are the BEST eggs I’ve ever had and not only because my mom makes them but because they taste INCREDIBLE.