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Hey there! I am Ambar, photographer and editor of Cook It Girl. There are different ways that we can work together. Below you will see a short list of services offered by Cook It Girl.

Ads: Various advertising sizes and pricing on the Cook It Girl are available.

Sponsored Posts: Opportunities for sponsored posts on Cook It Girl. If you have content that may interest the readers of Cook It Girl, please contact me.

Freelance Writing and Editorials: I love to work with brands to develop individual and particular content for your products/services. It includes recipe development, editorial writing, guest posting and other ideas you may have.

Brand Ambassadorship: I would love to represent your brand, product and/or service over an extended time period as a brand ambassador. These opportunities can include sharing your brand with our readers through blog posts, social media touting, ad spaces, and more.

Recipe Development: I love creating new recipes. These recipes can be developed for an external site or publication, or the opportunity can be displayed on Cook It Girl.

Conference Attendance: Sponsorships for food, blogging, or other relevant conferences.

Giveaways & Product Reviews: I am always open to giveaways and product reviews. If you have a product or service that you feel would connect with our readers, please contact us.

Company Events, Press Trips or Retreats: Ali is available to attend company events, press trips and/or retreats to share with our readers. We look forward to the chance to learn more about your brand, network with other attendees, and share the experience with our readers via social media (if desired). Follow-up blog post(s) can also be arranged.

If you are interested in working with me, please contact me via email;

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