Yucca With Mojo Sauce

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Its Sunday. You know what that means right? That tomorrow is Monday and a crazy week may be ahead of us. BUT. Before we start stressing this ridiculous Monday of ours lets go to a happy place and talk about food. Oh wait. And my new layout! I went for a clean & pink theme. I wanted something different. Something clean and beautiful. Not having the website work for a couple of weeks was hell for me. I thought it would be easy pizzy. Oh, but its definitely not. I applaud all website designers. OMG. How do you do this for a living??? All the codes were driving me up the wall! Finally i got the hang of it after, oh like, A MILLION TIMES. I’m just so happy to say its done and available for you to see. I hope and pray you all love it!

Summer could not possibly be any hotter here in Miami, Florida! Its about 100 degrees daily. No, I’m not kidding. With that being said, I’m 100 percent positive everyone is having either a BBQ or pool party. My family, of course, are a tad bit different. They love to go to the beach almost every weekend and call it a family reunion, when in fact its just a reason to eat burgers and drink some beer! Ok, maybe a lot of beer. There is also lots of birthdays in the summer around my way, and every time I’m asked to bring food to a party or event I ALWAYS bring Yucca! people love it. Like seriously. They LOVE it. Its easy. So obvi you cant go wrong.

Yucca is EXTREMELY easy to make. I like to buy them frozen so i can make the dish quicker. You can always buy the vegetable and peal it. Although, you can always just go with my lazy way and I’m sure you’ll be happier:) This dish is the perfect side dish. Trust me, it can even be your main dish! When ever i bring this side dish to a party or event, it goes fast! It is that extra kick that your dish needs.

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On another note………………

how are you all? I wish i could blog everyday! I’m going through so many blogs and reading great content! I just cant get enough! These are some blogs that are awesome.com. I LOVE reading other blogs. It motivates me! “If you think it, Ink it”.

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Just thought I’d share:) Enjoy the recipe!

Yucca With Mojo Sauce Recipe

-1 Bag of Yucca ( Frozen or peeled)
-1/2 Cup of olive oil
-1/2 Cup of mined garlic
-1 Cup of onions ( more if needed)
-1/4 Cup of vinegar


Fill a large pot with water. Leave room in the pot for the Yucca. Set the stove to high heat temperature. Once water is boiling, add the bag of Yucca.

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It should look like this

Edit yucca 6While the Yucca is boiling, in a separate pan, set stove to medium heat and add 1 cup of olive oil.

Once the oil is hot, add 1 cup of onions. Let simmer for about 5 minutes.

Add half a cup of garlic. Mix well and let simmer for about 5 minutes.

Now, add 1/4 cup of vinegar. Let simmer for about 5 more minutes.

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It should look like this

Edit yucca 11Now, once the Yucca is cooked, you will be able to put your fork though it. It should look like this. It should boil for about 30 minutes.

DSC_0254Now that the Yucca is done, pour out the water.

DSC_0257As you will see, i poured my Yucca in an aluminum foil pan because as i said earlier in my post, i ALWAYS take this as my dish to parties & events.

Once you pour the Yucca on a pan or bowl, add the Mojo that you made.

Edit yucca 12Here you have your homemade Yucca with Mojo! Please enjoy:)

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