Mangu con Salami ( Plantains & Salami)

Mangu con Salami Recipe Below. Enjoy!


Mangu Con Salami Recipe


-3 Plantains
-Salchichon induveca(salami)
-1/2 Cup of cooking oil
-Half of an onion
-1/3 Cup of vinegar
Salchichon induveca can be found in Hispanic super markets. If you can’t find this type of salami, feel free to use another kind
Start by filling a pot with water and heat pot on high
Add a table spoon of salt ( optional) and bring to a boil on high
While the water starts to boil, get a plantain and cut down the middle, like this
From the slit, peal back the outer skin of the plantain

IMG_1529Cut the plantain in half
And cut the half into another half, proceed to do the same thing to the other 2 plantains
They should look like this
After the water starts to boil, place plantains in the pot. Leave on medium until the plantains start to soften
While the plantains are cooking, cut the salami into slices
IMG_1540Heat up a pan with 1/2 cup of cooking oil, on medium heat
Fry until golden
They should look like this
IMG_1547Now place stove on low, cook onions in the left over oil from the salami

Once you see the onions are cooked, pour 1/3 cup of vinegar and stir. Then let simmer for another minute and remove from heat


Go back to the plantains and they should look like this! When you try to pick one up it should fall apart, which lets you know they are ready

IMG_1545Drain the plantains
Place plantains back in the pot and pour the onions with vinegar into the pot
Pick a utensil that’s most convenient to start to smash the plantains and mix
IMG_1551It should look like this
IMG_1554Serve with the cooked salami. This is a fast breakfast meal! Mangu Con Salami, enjoy:)