French Toast Bites

French Toast Bites Recipe Below. Enjoy!



3 eggs
-Teaspoon of vanilla extract
-As much butter as needed
-1/3 of milk
-5 slices of bread
-As much sugar as needed (your welcome)
-As much cinnamon as needed ( your welcome)
IMG_1388In a bowl mix the :
1. Eggs
2. Milk
3. Vanilla extract
Mix well
IMG_1392Cut the bread in small squares
You can use any type of bread you’d like, and you can cut them in to bigger squares for quicker results
Add as much butter as needed on the pan at medium heat
IMG_1395While the butter is melting, submerge the bread squares in the bowl of eggs, milk and vanilla extract
Place the French toast bites inside of the pan
While the bread is cooking, in a separate bowl add as much sugar as need and cinnamon. I say this because I LOVE sugar so I tend to put a lot:)
When you flip the French toast bites in the pan and they get golden brown, then you pass them over to the bowl with sugar and cinnamon and toss
Place on plate and add some syrup, there you have it!
French toast bites! yummy!