A sweet Cup Of Ambar

 I’m super late but, HAPPY NEW YEARS! If you don’t know already, I work full time and also go to school so when I do find time I write a new post. I hope you feel bad enough for me to forgive me for such a late post about New Years… feel bad…very bad! Ok be happy again! Happy New Years to all you beautiful readers!

December was filled with love, family and friend bonding time and lots of eating! Once again I’m over doing it with the exclamation points but how can I possibly show my excitement while writing this post!!??

Back to December, oh how I wish I could rewind life’s nonexistent DVR and replay December. First of, my beautiful cousin in law Denise invited me to her 25th birthday celebration and boy did we have fun! I think I danced enough for the whole group, not to mention everyone staring at me had a confessed expression on their face.

A few days later Danny and I (my boyfriend) went to our friend’s house (Junior & Tasha) for a Christmas dinner in which I volunteered to cook rice with beans, plantain casserole, yucca & those ugly cake pops in the middle of the collage. Yes I said it, ugly! If you notice the “Christmas tree cake pop”, was only half way dipped into the candy melts -____- that’s how my face looked after making them. The candy melts did not cooperate and ended up getting very hard after the first 2 cake pops, causing the cake pops to stay stuck in the candy melts. HORRIBLE. I hope I’m not the only person this happens too. Now putting aside my frustrating memory, at the dinner party we had all types of food and most of all we talked our butts off and had great drinks! For Christmas we went to my mom’s house where again, we ate a whole lot…and don’t you see a pattern here? Ate, ate and some more ate? Because that’s exactly what I also did for new years! This is why I love cooking so much, it really has a way to bring people together.

I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record but THANK YOU again for all your love and support! In this new fresh year there will be so many recipes on Cook It Girl and I’m so excited to connect with all of you. I wish all of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cheers to a fresh start!