A Sweet Cup of Ambar


You should come to Miami to take cool pictures next to walls like this! No, I haven’t only been taking pictures of myself this whole time, I’ve been doing a whole lot of  EVERYTHING! ( photo cred: my amazing husband)

I’ve been all over the place lately. Literally, all over the place. I haven’t done a “Sweet cup of Ambar” in a while. It’s like it was always in the back of my mind but I’d put other things in my life right in front of this AMAZING blog. Not on purpose of course. I’m getting into so many different things, that I had to learn how to balance myself out. I want to thank all of Cook It Girl’s readers for sticking with me through my very long non-posting days. For all my friends and family who continue to try all the recipes & send me amazing pictures, THANK YOU. I now have a calendar. Yes, a calendar, with organized days where I’ll be posing tips, recipes & great links I love. The whole point of this blog is to show everyone how much fun it is to cook. Cooking is an escape. The result of cooking is magic. The smiles and surprised faces you get after someone takes the first bite out of your dish is everything. Great food brings friends and family together.

During these last few months, I have been in the middle of opening several businesses and working on achieving my goals. Businesswomen rock! cooking always comes back to me. ALWAYS. When I last too long without cooking I literally cry. Not kidding. I need to share some amazing recipes that I have tried and love! By the way, guess what’s coming around the corner!? CHRISTMAS TIME! 

 I am going to share with you, all the cool stuff I’ve come across for the past 3 months! I’ve gone internet crazy. I love to research different things that I am currently into and I love to find new things online. Technology is pretty cool.

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  1. I follow Dulce Candy on Instagram and she did a review on an Erin Condren I was seriously so excited to buy one that I didn’t waste any time. I ordered it a few minutes later & so far, it’s the best planner I’ve ever had! I love anything that is cute or girly. This planner? Cute & girly! You can get a planner with a quote in the front & it has more inspirational quotes throughout the planner. You can personalize it. I LOVE IT! 


  2. Have you heard about the podcast Serial!? OMG, it is AMAZING!!!!! It’s about a student who was incarcerated for “supposedly”    murdering his ex-girlfriend in 1999. Why is it interesting? Because he says he didn’t do it. That’s enough for me to be all over it!  The podcast interviews him and other suspects in the case. They also go through all the evidence and nothing adds up. It’s a  MUST hear. After you are done with Serial, listen to Undisclosed which is a follow up to Serial. Yup, you’re welcome. (If you  have an iPhone, the podcast app is on your phone). Plus if you know me, LAW is right up there with cooking for me. So you already know I was automatically obsessed.

Little mermaid iphone 6 case

3. I found this super cute Little Mermaid iPhone Case!

4. Let’s talk about food! I have tried different recipes, well, just joking, A LOT of recipes, these are some of my favorite.


Baked chicken with spinach & cheese When I tell you that I’ve made this 3 times already in less than a month it’s because it’s that GOOD! You can make sides for it but it really doesn’t need any. You can eat it just like you see it in the picture. So instead of doing it right on top of the stove, I cooked the chicken on the stovetop just for color & then I stuffed it & placed it in the oven. YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS.

Title sm

Blueberry Cobbler This was a last-minute dessert. I had a lot of people at my house and didn’t feel like going to the store to get a cake. I stumbled on this extremely easy recipe. I served it with ice cream. Everyone loved it. And yes, I’ve made this recipe twice already! 


Rustic Tuscan Soup If you like spicy soup then this is the recipe for you! Just make sure you let the soup simmer for a while on low heat so the beans can cook through.


One-pot Mexican Skillet PastaWell! This one was a family favorite. I made the biggest pot possible, it was literally gone in less than an hour. I popped into the oven instead of letting the cheese melt on the stovetop, I popped it in the oven while I worked on something else. You will love how easy & delicious this recipe is.


  1. My mom’s 50th Birthday is coming up and I’ve been Pinterest crazy. I’ve bumped into super cute DIY’s. I am totally doing this backdrop for taking pictures. This backdrop is easy to make and affordable. The perfect combination! Once you’re done with it, you can just throw it away! Can’t wait!


6. Last but not least, I am obsessed with this Matte Lip Cream called Stockholm from Nyx Cosmetics. I use it on top of brown lip liner or lipstick. It gives your lips a naturally plump look! I think I’m going to stock up on them because I literally use this almost every day!

I am currently working on a Carne Guisada recipe ( stewed beef chunks)! I like to do the dish a couple of times before actually putting it out there. Yea I know, weird.  So stay tuned 🙂