A Sweet Cup of Ambar

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Family Celebrations available at Publix.  The opinions and text are all mine.

Can summer end already!? This Miami summer is NO JOKE. It is beyond hot. It is so hot you can literally fry an egg outside like they do in the movies! Heat and rain all day, every day. Your car becomes an oven and you want to take a shower every 5 minutes from just standing outside. I CAN’T wait for it to cool down. What’s going on with you guys? Any new shows anyone can recommend? My 38 shows are all on breaks and yup, I said 38 SHOWS. I am obsessed and can’t stop watching new shows! I have a list and everything. You already know how much I LOVE my list. In other news, I have a puppy named December. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and of course I named her after my favorite monthJ which brings me to my favorite time of the year! It is right around the corner and I’m just so anxious for it to get here already. I miss Christmas all the time & I’m a faithful Christmas lover. I wait till the day after Halloween to start celebrating. Not kidding. Don’t judge. I play Christmas music 24/7 after Halloween. Annoying much? Not at all. I hang around people who love it as much as I do so the Christmas spirit stays alive for a good 2 months. This totally reminds me, I bumped into a picture online of a small Christmas tree with baking tool decorations O-M-G- so cute and I’m totally doing it. Obvi……

I’ve been working hard lately on new recipes and posted two new recipes, two Sundays in a row! I know you see me out here making moves. I’m sure you’re probably wondering why I am so excited about this and honestly, I’m just excited to be able to even take a break from work to post new recipes! Which brings me to this amazing product Badia® Mojo Marinade. If you are like me, who may not always have the time to make sofrito, this is the perfect marinade for you! It adds a TON of flavor to all types of meats. I work all day and night, my friends. Personally, this marinade comes in real clutch and makes any meat POP with flavor without doing much. It’s liquified magic if you ask me, cutting my prep time in half. YES PLEASE, GIVE ME MORE! No need to look too far either, you can find Badia – Mojo Marinade in your nearest Publix. I always say, PUBLIX IS THE BEST AND THERE IS NO BETTER FEELING THAN WHEN YOU GO SHOPPING IN PUBLIX. PERIOD. POINT. BLANK.  You can save over $35 on products at Publix from 9/1/18-9/30/18 with the Family Celebration Coupon Flyer. & guess what!? This flavorful Mojo will be in the flyer. Not only can you save time by using this marinade but money too! You don’t even have to tell me twice. When you cook almost every day (I cook 6 days out the week, I need one day off!) saving money on food products is a must. The Coupon flyers will be available in Publix stores starting on 9/1/18 and can be found at the Family Celebrations in-store display or behind customer service and if you like to plan ahead of time when grocery shopping, you can print and see all the sale products on www.getthesavings.com/familycelebrations. Not only will the coupon flyer have Badia- Mojo Marinade, but it will also have Badia- Adobo, I mean, come on? WE all need to save money on Adobo, let’s be real. I use it on everything!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, take a few minutes to see the products on sale and go SAVE MONEY! Nothing feels better than to see how much money you saved at the end of your Publix receipt!