Dominican Spaghetti

Dominican spagetti recipe


Dominican Spaghetti Recipe

It has been a LONG, VERY LONG time. There has been so much going on that I don’t know where to begin! I’ve decided to begin with how sucky house hunting is! PEOPLE can you please put your houses up for sale!? Please and thank you. I always knew going in to this that it would be frustrating but no one told me it was frustrating x 100! I’ve decided I will not settle and wait for the almost perfect house! In other news, the holidays were so magical! So many things have happened since then. My little sister came out as an artist and has a remix song which you can check out here, I am so proud of her! My legal services business is finally open and I got the cutest pink mini Keurig that I love oh so much! I really do need to do a Sweet Cup of Ambar soon! I’ll elaborate more on all these awesome things later. Due to the whole house situation I haven’t had a kitchen to cook & photograph. It’s really hard but once I get my own kitchen, I will be posting more recipes and videos! UGH I can’t wait to do videos!  Moving on to the important topic here…

Comfort food all the way! I LOVE Dominican Spaghetti or how some people may call it “spaghetti with salami”. This is such an easy and savory recipe! I get excited every time my father in-law ask me to make these spaghetti! I wanted to make a spaghetti recipe without Goya’s Culantro and Achiote packets because I wanted to make it a little healthier, because this is totally not healthy. The point it that it taste amazing without it! Which was really exciting considering that I put those packets in everything! If you want to make a quick savory dinner, this is the recipe for you! Don’t forget to make tostones or fried sweet plantains on the side! Enjoy!