Carne Guisada

Carne Guisada recipe

You can say a blog is your own world. I love that about my blog. It’s all ME. With that being said, HAPPY October!!!!! I AM so excited that we can now welcome the holidays. Halloween, Turkey day & Christmas can now make its way to our homes. How you all know that I am Christmas crazy, I kind of already want to start decorating. Crazy much? I decided to just try to get through Halloween and Turkey day first. Of course that means I already have Halloween decorations up on my work desk & I can’t stop staring at them. They make me happy. The most exciting part about this month is HALLOWEEN TOWN. The best Halloween movie ever. Yes I am a Disney kid at heart & always will be. You’d think at the age of 26 I’d stop watching it but, nope, I won’t stop. Halloween town is the cutest Disney movie ever and they play it a million times every year. It’s so perfect for Halloween!

Carne Guisada

Its fall and fall calls for COMFORT FOOD! Carne Guisada is a very famous dish in my house hold. It goes with a side of white rice, red beans, sweet plantains and salad. Okay maybe that’s just the way I like it! Hehe.Carne Guisada, in translation, is beef stew. I suggest you take your time cooking this amazing dish so that it is pulled apartable (which is not a word) when you eat it. The art in this dish is making the meat as soft as possible. It’s juicy. Really Juicy. I love it! You’ll definitely love this easy Carne Guisada (beef stew) Recipe.


A Sweet Cup of Ambar


You should come to Miami to take cool pictures next to walls like this! No, i haven’t only been taking pictures of myself this whole time, I’ve been doing a whole lot of  EVERYTHING! ( photo cred:my amazing husband)

I’ve been all over the place lately. Literally, all over the place. I haven’t done a “Sweet cup of Ambar” in a while. It’s like it was always in the back of my mind but I’d put other things in my life right in front of this AMAZING blog. Not on purpose of course. I’m getting into so many different things, that I had to learn how to balance myself out.I want to thank all of Cook It Girl’s readers for sticking with me through my very long non-posting days. For all my friends and family who continue to try all the recipes & send me amazing pictures, THANK YOU. I now have a calendar. Yes a calendar, with organized days where I’ll be posing tips, recipes & great links I love. The whole point of this blog is to show everyone how much fun it is to cook. Cooking is an escape. The result of cooking is magic. The smiles and surprised faces you get after someone takes the first bite out of your dish is everything. Great food brings friends and family together.

During these last few months I have been in the middle of opening several business and working on achieving my goals. Business women rock! cooking always comes back to me. ALWAYS. When I last too long with out cooking i literally cry. Not kidding. I need to share some amazing recipes that I have tried and love! By the way, guess whats coming around the corner!? CHRISTMAS TIME! 

 I am going to share with you, all the cool stuff I’ve come across for the past 3 months! I’ve gone internet crazy. I love to research different things that I am currently into and I love to find new things online. Technology is pretty cool.

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Arroz Con Gandules ( rice with green pigeon Peas)

Arroz con gandules 1

    Arroz Con Gandules ( rice with green pigeon Peas)

Today I feel like writing. Today I feel like shouting “WHAT THE CRAP IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD”. We really need to do better guys. I mean I have been hearing the most horrifying stories and it creeps me out to think that we are bringing our children into a pretty messed up world.

I know this has nothing to do with cooking. Like at all. But this is a food…blog and because the word blog is in there, then this is my stage to talk, a lot. This bullying crap is out of control. Today I take a stand against bullying. IT NEEDS TO STOP.

People should stop bullying and get a life. Get a hobby. Read a book, or I don’t know mind your own business and leave other people alone. The sad part is that people don’t think there will be any consequences to their bullying. One day a bully may have kids, which may get bulled too. Don’t leave room or space for the universe to get back at you for bullying. I’m sick of it. IT NEEDS TO STOP.

Now to move along to the whole point of this blog hehe.

FYI: I bumped into a really cute DIY website! I’m kind of into it now and I’ve turned into a Pinterest fanatic! Check out I Spy DYI  

Gandules? YES PLEASE! This rice is a BIG deal. The flavor is unbelievable! Don’t know how to cook it? Well I’m here to save the day! Below find the Recipe for Arroz Con Gandules!

Arroz con gandules 2


Recipe for Arroz Con Gandules ( rice with green pigeon Peas)


Sweet Plantain & Egg Sandwich

Sweet Plantain and Egg Sandwich Recipe

Sweet plantain and egg sanwich


This Sweet Plantain and Egg Sandwich is one of my favorite Sandwiches of all time! My grandmother use to make it for me for lunch and I’ve been hooked ever since! If you browse through some of my recipes you will see that i LOVE sweet & salty foods mixed together. This is one of those recipes! Its fast and simple.

Sweet plantain with egg sanwich 3


Click here for recipe


Baked Macaroni & Cheese


Macaroni and cheese 2You are not hallucinating, this is the best looking Macaroni and Cheese that you ever set your eyes on! Now imagine how it taste!? Ughhhh soooooo good!

Macaroni and cheeseBefore we get into this amazing baked macaroni and cheese, I have something to say…


Asopao De Salchichon(Stewed Rice with Salami)


August is almost gone. Do you know what that means? We are closer to Christmas! What did you think I was going to say!? Judge if you want too but I CANT wait till Christmas. Although I am anxious for December to roll around, I have to except the reality that, um, it’s still August and it’s as hot as can be outside. Lately, I’ve been pretty much all over the place. With the wedding planning and Cookitgirl growing, its been.. well, you know…CRAZY! BUT I am so grateful for all of the new readers and for my very special day! People warned me that wedding planning would be stressful. They lied. It’s SUPER stressful HA. Although the stress is there just hanging out with us, I am still so very excited for that special day to come!


So I’m hanging out with my mom at the moment. Watching baggage claim, which is hilarious might I add, and I wanted to take this time to share a special recipe with you all. In Spanish it’s called “Asopao”. Translation? Stewed Rice. This recipe has delicious pieces of my FAVORITE “Salchichon” ( Salami).

Ok, ok, ok I know what you’re thinking, maybe I like rice a little too much. It might be true. Just might    * cough, cough*. On that note, my obsession with rice meets this amazing, savory dish that is bursting with flavor! You add more water than usual and let the rice cook a little longer. I love it and I hope you love it too!


Recipe below:)


Yucca With Mojo Sauce

Edit yucca 1

Its Sunday. You know what that means right? That tomorrow is Monday and a crazy week may be ahead of us. BUT. Before we start stressing this ridiculous Monday of ours lets go to a happy place and talk about food. Oh wait. And my new layout! I went for a clean & pink theme. I wanted something different. Something clean and beautiful. Not having the website work for a couple of weeks was hell for me. I thought it would be easy pizzy. Oh, but its definitely not. I applaud all website designers. OMG. How do you do this for a living??? All the codes were driving me up the wall! Finally i got the hang of it after, oh like, A MILLION TIMES. I’m just so happy to say its done and available for you to see. I hope and pray you all love it!

Summer could not possibly be any hotter here in Miami, Florida! Its about 100 degrees daily. No, I’m not kidding. With that being said, I’m 100 percent positive everyone is having either a BBQ or pool party. My family, of course, are a tad bit different. They love to go to the beach almost every weekend and call it a family reunion, when in fact its just a reason to eat burgers and drink some beer! Ok, maybe a lot of beer. There is also lots of birthdays in the summer around my way, and every time I’m asked to bring food to a party or event I ALWAYS bring Yucca! people love it. Like seriously. They LOVE it. Its easy. So obvi you cant go wrong.

Yucca is EXTREMELY easy to make. I like to buy them frozen so i can make the dish quicker. You can always buy the vegetable and peal it. Although, you can always just go with my lazy way and I’m sure you’ll be happier:) This dish is the perfect side dish. Trust me, it can even be your main dish! When ever i bring this side dish to a party or event, it goes fast! It is that extra kick that your dish needs.

Edit yucca 2

On another note………………


Cook It Girl Is Back!

Its been a couple of weeks and I’m so HAPPY  to say that COOK IT GIRL is back! I decided to switch host to be able to add new features that will be coming soon. I cant thank you all enough for all of your love and support. It means the world to me to be able to share homemade, picture by picture recipes. I hope that these recipes bring love and joy into your homes. I also hope you all love the new layout. Its clean and tidy. Once again, THANK YOU. For all of your love and support!


Moro De Habichuelas ( Rice With Beans)

 I am currently in class, covering my ears while the professor talks his life away.
Now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s talk about Moro De Habuchuelas. English? Rice with beans together in a beautiful blend of savory spices.

Edited version 4 nameLet me stop! I can’t honestly talk to you all like this! Let’s be real, Moro De Habichuelas is the bomb diggaty! This dish is typically found in the Caribbean’s but of course the United States got a taste of this amazing rice and you can find it in pretty much every state! And if you can’t find it already made, then here is the recipe!
Moro De Habichuelas gets most of its flavor from the sausage, ham or bacon you fry up in the begging of the recipe. The Sofrito and the seasoning get soaked up by the rice giving you a savory treat.
edit version moroFeel free to use the beans that come in a bag. I just use the canned beans because I’m extremely lazy at times and it takes way too long to make the other ones. I heard something about leaving the beans soaking in water over night so they can soften and yup not my..thing. So on that note, let’s move along. Try to taste the water of the rice while you go. The water should always be more seasoned than expected. Why? No, it’s not just because I like over seasoned food, but because the rice soaks up the water and it needs enough salt to taste um, what’s the word? Exquisite! I’m really trying here, can you tell?