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Dominican Spaghetti

Dominican spagetti recipe


Dominican Spaghetti Recipe

It has been a LONG, VERY LONG time. There has been so much going on that I don’t know where to begin! I’ve decided to begin with how sucky house hunting is! PEOPLE, can you please put your houses up for sale!? Please and thank you. I always knew going into this that it would be frustrating but no one told me it was frustrating x 100! I’ve decided I will not settle and wait for the almost perfect house! In other news, the holidays were so magical! So many things have happened since then. My little sister came out as an artist and has a remix song which you can check out here, I am so proud of her! My legal services business is finally open and I got the cutest pink mini Keurig that I love oh so much! I really do need to do a Sweet Cup of Ambar soon! I’ll elaborate more on all these awesome things later. Due to the whole house situation, I haven’t had a kitchen to cook & photograph. It’s really hard but once I get my own kitchen, I will be posting more recipes and videos! UGH I can’t wait to do videos!  Moving on to the important topic here…

Comfort food all the way! I LOVE Dominican Spaghetti or how some people may call it “spaghetti with salami”. This is such an easy and savory recipe! I get excited every time my father-in-law asks me to make this spaghetti! I wanted to make a spaghetti recipe without Goya’s Culantro and Achiote packets because I wanted to make it a little healthier because this is totally not healthy. The point is that it tastes amazing without it! Which was really exciting considering that I put those packets in everything! If you want to make a quick savory dinner, this is the recipe for you! Don’t forget to make tostones or fried sweet plantains on the side! Enjoy!


Raspberry Cobbler

Rasberry Cobbler

Raspberry Cobbler Recipe

PODCAST. I am highly addicted. Recently I bumped into Pinch of Yum’s The Food blogger Pro Podcast and I love it. Listening to it made me smile and blush. Blush? Well, that’s what happens when you’re so passionate about something. What’s your passion!? I would love to know! I listen to the different podcasts all day and feel extremely productive after doing so. Knowledge is power! I am seriously all over the place. But I love being that way. I read a great post the other day on women being multitaskers. Although all women are not the same (trust me, lazy women exist) I am the definition of a multitasker. I do literally everything at the same time. I watch a show on my phone while I write a post and eat waffles at the same damn time. So, in other words, I am feeding myself, entertaining myself and working on my blog! Time is precious to me so this is what I have to do to feel productive. Have you ever done a list of the talents you have? I am currently working on one. I’ve realized that I have talents that I don’t use. Which is not cool at all, they need to be used! So I’ll totally give you an update on the list the next time I speak to you guys.

Rasberry Cobbler recipe


Raspberry Cobbler was a last-minute dessert. It’s a spin on a blueberry cobbler I made a few months ago. I wanted to make the blueberry cobbler again but didn’t have any blueberries so raspberries it is! This Raspberry Cobbler Recipe is very easy to make. When I say easy I mean super easy. It goes perfect with vanilla ice cream. A quick tip: once it comes out the oven serve it right away with ice cream so that you get that cold and warm feel. Enjoy!


Carne Guisada

Carne Guisada recipe

You can say a blog is your own world. I love that about my blog. It’s all ME. With that being said, HAPPY October!!!!! I AM so excited that we can now welcome the holidays. Halloween, Turkey day & Christmas can now make its way to our homes. How you all know that I am Christmas crazy, I kind of already want to start decorating. Crazy much? I decided to just try to get through Halloween and Turkey day first. Of course, that means I already have Halloween decorations up on my work desk & I can’t stop staring at them. They make me happy. The most exciting part about this month is HALLOWEEN TOWN. The best Halloween movie ever. Yes, I am a Disney kid at heart & always will be. You’d think at the age of 26 I’d stop watching it but, nope, I won’t stop. Halloween town is the cutest Disney movie ever and they play it a million times every year. It’s so perfect for Halloween!

Carne Guisada

Its fall and fall calls for COMFORT FOOD! Carne Guisada is a very famous dish in my household. It goes with a side of white rice, red beans, sweet plantains, and salad. Okay, maybe that’s just the way I like it! Hehe. Carne Guisada, in translation, is beef stew. I suggest you take your time cooking this amazing dish so that it is pulled apartable (which is not a word) when you eat it. The art in this dish is making the meat as soft as possible. It’s juicy. Really Juicy. I love it! You’ll definitely love this easy Carne Guisada (beef stew) Recipe.


A Sweet Cup of Ambar


You should come to Miami to take cool pictures next to walls like this! No, I haven’t only been taking pictures of myself this whole time, I’ve been doing a whole lot of  EVERYTHING! ( photo cred: my amazing husband)

I’ve been all over the place lately. Literally, all over the place. I haven’t done a “Sweet cup of Ambar” in a while. It’s like it was always in the back of my mind but I’d put other things in my life right in front of this AMAZING blog. Not on purpose of course. I’m getting into so many different things, that I had to learn how to balance myself out. I want to thank all of Cook It Girl’s readers for sticking with me through my very long non-posting days. For all my friends and family who continue to try all the recipes & send me amazing pictures, THANK YOU. I now have a calendar. Yes, a calendar, with organized days where I’ll be posing tips, recipes & great links I love. The whole point of this blog is to show everyone how much fun it is to cook. Cooking is an escape. The result of cooking is magic. The smiles and surprised faces you get after someone takes the first bite out of your dish is everything. Great food brings friends and family together.

During these last few months, I have been in the middle of opening several businesses and working on achieving my goals. Businesswomen rock! cooking always comes back to me. ALWAYS. When I last too long without cooking I literally cry. Not kidding. I need to share some amazing recipes that I have tried and love! By the way, guess what’s coming around the corner!? CHRISTMAS TIME! 

 I am going to share with you, all the cool stuff I’ve come across for the past 3 months! I’ve gone internet crazy. I love to research different things that I am currently into and I love to find new things online. Technology is pretty cool.

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Arroz Con Gandules ( rice with green pigeon Peas)

Arroz con gandules 1

    Arroz Con Gandules ( rice with green pigeon peas)

Today I feel like writing. Today I feel like shouting “WHAT THE CRAP IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD”. We really need to do better guys. I mean I have been hearing the most horrifying stories and it creeps me out to think that we are bringing our children into a pretty messed up world.

I know this has nothing to do with cooking. Like at all. But this is a food…blog and because the word blog is in there, then this is my stage to talk, a lot. This bullying crap is out of control. Today I take a stand against bullying. IT NEEDS TO STOP.

People should stop bullying and get a life. Get a hobby. Read a book, or I don’t know to mind your own business and leave other people alone. The sad part is that people don’t think there will be any consequences to their bullying. One day a bully may have kids, which may get bulled too. Don’t leave room or space for the universe to get back at you for bullying. I’m sick of it. IT NEEDS TO STOP.

Now to move along to the whole point of this blog hehe.

FYI: I bumped into a really cute DIY website! I’m kind of into it now and I’ve turned into a Pinterest fanatic! Check out I Spy DIY  

Gandules? YES PLEASE! This rice is a BIG deal. The flavor is unbelievable! Don’t know how to cook it? Well, I’m here to save the day! Below find the Recipe for Arroz Con Gandules!

Arroz con gandules 2


Recipe for Arroz Con Gandules ( rice with green pigeon peas)