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Beef Empanadas Recipe / Empanadas de Carne Receta

I know you probably notice I don’t always post a recipe along with a blog post. Work has been taking up all my time and sometimes I can only do the recipe, post it and run back to work. But today, I have some time, oh yeah! This has always been my passion, talking. Talking a lot. Haha. I meant blogging has always been my passion. Although I can’t do it full time, I try my best to make time for it. Shout out to all the part time food bloggers trying to make it out here! It is not easy! I LOVE sharing my recipes and also my thoughts so to break down my thoughts before this amazing and quick recipe, let’s start with, you already know….


A Sweet Cup of Ambar

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Family Celebrations available at Publix.  The opinions and text are all mine.

Can summer end already!? This Miami summer is NO JOKE. It is beyond hot. It is so hot you can literally fry an egg outside like they do in the movies! Heat and rain all day, every day. Your car becomes an oven and you want to take a shower every 5 minutes from just standing outside. I CAN’T wait for it to cool down. What’s going on with you guys? Any new shows anyone can recommend? My 38 shows are all on breaks and yup, I said 38 SHOWS. I am obsessed and can’t stop watching new shows! I have a list and everything. You already know how much I LOVE my list. In other news, I have a puppy named December. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and of course I named her after my favorite monthJ which brings me to my favorite time of the year! It is right around the corner and I’m just so anxious for it to get here already. I miss Christmas all the time & I’m a faithful Christmas lover. I wait till the day after Halloween to start celebrating. Not kidding. Don’t judge. I play Christmas music 24/7 after Halloween. Annoying much? Not at all. I hang around people who love it as much as I do so the Christmas spirit stays alive for a good 2 months. This totally reminds me, I bumped into a picture online of a small Christmas tree with baking tool decorations O-M-G- so cute and I’m totally doing it. Obvi……


Tostones Chimichurri Sliders ( Chimi Sliders)

Where do I begin!? I have been MIA since February! How insane!? I will be doing a sweet cup of Ambar sometime this week promise! I have SO much to tell you guys and it would be too much to talk about on this post. This RECIPE though!? In Dominican Republic there is a burger called Chimichurri Burger AKA Chimi. It’s our street food! There are many restaurants and food trucks that sell it here in the US. Oh! And they are usually found outside of clubs. Why you may ask? So that all of the people who are probably intoxicated can devour one of these amazing burgers! I decided to mix things up. Fuck the bun, let’s make it even more Dominican by replacing the buns with Fried Plantains! They are easy to make and taste delicious! A little fatting but no one has to know!

FYI I’m trying to make instructions for recipes easier. I numbered each step instead of making it into a big paragraph. Hope this helps make cooking easier for you guys. Enjoy!!!


Oven Fried Chicken

I should totally be working right now but fuck it! Hello everyone! UGH I miss #cookitgirl sooooo bad! I want to just go straight to this recipe. Trust me, you will be cooking this at least 4 times a month that is why I don’t want to waste no time.  

This flavorful Oven Fried Chicken is a MUST in my house. I cook it several times a month! My husband LOVES it! Its super spicy (or not spicy if you want it plain) and it is full of all types of spices! This is a quick dinner option that can be served with corn, rice, mashed potatoes or pasta on the side. The possibilities are endless! It does take 50 minutes to bake, but the crispiness of the chicken will be worth the wait!